Modular Manufacturing
Modular Manufacturing

Cianbro specializes in the pre-fabrication and pre-assembly of components into modules. Some of the benefits that our modular capabilities provide are as follows:
  • Provides a Specialized Work Environment for Construction
  • Improves Systems & Equipment Efficiencies
  • Reduces Work Hours, Resource Requirements & Overall Cost
  • Improves Schedule Reliability & Material Traceability
  • Minimizes Risk Associated with Field Construction Labor
  • Promotes Thorough Testing & Equipment Evaluation Early in the Project
  • Ensures Safety & Quality Standards are Met
  • Allows for Earlier Project Startup, Production & Market Entry
Modular Market
  • Structural
  • Pipe
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Coating
  • Constructability & Planning
  • Project Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Structural Fabrication & Coating
  • Pipe Fabrication & Coating
  • Project Start-Up & Commissioning
  • Load-Out & Transportation
  • Field Assembly
Recognized as a national leader in workplace health and safety, Cianbro’s number one value is our commitment to safety. Cianbro believes a team well-educated in health and safety is key to eliminating risks, improving quality, and achieving outstanding productivity. Our management team has developed a comprehensive safety program that encourages team members at every level to actively discuss and help improve safety in the workplace.
Cianbro is committed to identifying areas of environmental concern and working proactively to minimize the impacts of construction activities on environmental resources. Cianbro utilizes Best Management Practices and has policies in place to minimize environmental impacts and maintain compliance with applicable regulations, while efficiently and effectively fulfilling contract requirements.
When it comes to technology, Cianbro has the latest tools and the expertise to use them for the benefit of the client. For example, it’s all in a day’s work to measure the dimensions of a massive module down to a matter of millimeters with a state of the art laser scanner, all to ensure that the pieces fit perfectly when they are delivered to the client in the field. Some of our software capabilites include;

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • 3D Work Packaging & Constructability Reviews
  • Materials Tracking & Positive Materials Identification (PMI)
  • 3D Laser Scanning & Surveying
  • Electronic Crane Set-Up & Rigging Planning
  • Automated Pipe Preparation & Welding
Cianbro’s service territory spans the entire United States - from the North East to the Pacific Region. Each geographic location is comprised of offices, enclosed shops, equipment yards, and the following facilities:
Fabrication & Coating Facilities
  • Pittsfield, Maine
  • Georgetown, Massachusetts
  • Freeport, Texas
  • Tainter Gate Replacements
  • Improvements for Safety

Deepwater Marine & Modular Manufacturing Facilities
  • Brewer, Maine
  • Portland, Maine
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Quality Management System Compliant with ISO 9001
  • Inspection Test Plans (ITPs Integrate Project Specifications into Quality Plan)
  • DOT Operator Qualification Program
  • In-house NDE Program in accordance with ASNT
  • Welding Program in accordance with ASME, API, & AWS
Quality Certification
Experienced and Qualified Team Members, including the following:
  • ASNT NDE Level III (VT, MT, PT, UT)
  • NACE Level 3 Inspectors
  • Certified API Inspectors
  • Certified ISO Internal Auditors
  • ACE / NAVFAC QSM Certified
  • AWS / CWIs
  • National Board A Endorsement (AI)
Completed Projects

Crude Expansion Project Port Arthur Refinery

Cianbro was selected from a field of 60 module facilities from around the world to construct and fabricate modules for Motiva Enterprises, LLC, Crude Expansion Project, located at their Port Arthur Refinery in Texas. Cianbro assembled the modules at its deep water Eastern Manufacturing Facility along the Penobscot River, located in Brewer, Maine. Completed modules were barged to Port Arthur, Texas as part of the construction of the 325,000 bpd expansion project, making it the largest Refinery in North America.Heavy investments in labor-reducing and quality enhancing technology, such as automatic welding and cloud point laser scanning, interfaced with 3D modeling, ensuring assembly efficiency at EMF. Coordination with a world-wide network of material providers, related web-based communications and project controls, guaranteed on time delivery of critical components. That combined with high quality standards, including module-to-module interface alignment, and providing completely tested systems, ensured a start-up time of less than 30 days for this impressive project in Port Arthur, Texas.


Prefabricated Electrical Buildings (E-Rooms) Long Harbour Processing Plant

Cianbro’s deep water Eastern Manufacturing Facility, located in Brewer, Maine was selected to design, construct/supply, and test 22 Prefabricated Electrical Buildings (E-Rooms) for the Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. Nickel Processing Plant located in Long Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada. Modules range in size up to 140 ft long x 45 ft wide x 67 ft tall with the heaviest weighing 490 tons. All E-Rooms were transported to the Long Harbour, Newfoundland site by barge.


Module Fabrication Benzene Reduction Project

Cianbro’s deep water Eastern Manufacturing Facility, located in Brewer, Maine was selected to assemble process, piperack and stair tower modules for a major refinery in the U.S. Completed modules were tested and shipped by barge from Cianbro‘s facility to the East Coast of the U.S.