Project Detail

34.5/12.47 kV Substation


Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed a new above and below-grade 34.5 kV/12.47 kV substation, built to 69 kV capacity, with a footprint of 183 feet by 169 feet.     

Project Details

  • Performed site development
  • Installed a perimeter fence
  • Poured 41 cast-in-place foundations containing 330 cubic yards of concrete
  • Installed eight 150-foot ground wells
  • Pulled and terminated yard and control house cables
  • Completed fit-out of control house
  • Erected five 69 kV steel bays and three 15 kV steel bays
  • Installed 10 breakers, two capacitor banks, and a 34.5/12 kV transformer
  • Installed 1,900 feet of welded bus pipe
  • Installed 130 flex tap connections
  • Installed 2,100 feet of conduit and duct bank
  • Demolished the existing substation after the new station was commissioned and energized

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Throughout construction, the project team focused on incorporating Lean and innovative project solutions to plan the work and improve the work plan. Due to the small footprint of the project site, Cianbro utilized just-in-time (JIT) delivery for materials and equipment. Additionally, the project team utilized a new GEM material for ground wells, that does not require mixing or pumping, which accelerated the installation of the ground wells.