115 kV Transmission Line Rebuild

Virginia & North Carolina

Scope of Work

Cianbro is rebuilding 21.5 miles of single circuit 115 kV transmission line with 59 double dead ends and four backbone structures through 22 pulls (12 done by helicopter), and six outages while crossing I-95 and four railroad crossings.

Project Details

  • Demolishing:
    • 551 TLF of wire
    • 213 H-Frames
    • 14 lattice towers
  • Installing 52 drilled piers, 40 pipe piles, 16 spread footers, and 345 direct embed foundations
  • Installing 32 temporary structures for outages
  • Setting 193 multi-pole, 92 engineered, and 19 single-pole structures
  • Setting 168 H-Frame, 16 three-pole dead end, and 13 single-pole aerial structures
  • Pulling 561 TLF ropes and wire

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

To reduce equipment costs and eliminate particular safety hazards pertaining to the use of electrical cords, Cianbro is using battery-powered magnetic drills to drill out the transmission poles, either on the ground or after they are standing in the air, eliminating the use of generators and electrical cords.