Project Detail

Building Expansion MCC Room / Electrical Installation

Auburn, ME

Scope of Work

The scope of work included installing all electrical components for a 32,766-square-foot building expansion. The expansion included a 15,477-square-foot room, a large HVAC system room, a chiller/mechanical room, a new electric room with a medium voltage substation, a new storage system, a new mail receiving room, and 9,042 square feet of warehouse space.

Project Details

  • Completed a new grounding grid
  • Installed a new medium-voltage switchgear with eight sets of three-phase 1000 circular mils (kcmil) copper feeders
  • Installed two new 480-volt, 1600 amp Motor Control Centers, five transformers, seven subpanels, 225 light fixtures, and 122 ea. 120-volt receptacles
  • Completed and tested a new fire alarm system for the expansion with 53 new devices
  • Installed two new data closets with fiber optic feeds, new CAT-6 data drops and a wireless network system
  • Installed a new 1600-amp chiller system with 15 motors and pumps with two new cooling towers each
  • Installed a new HVAC system with building controls

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Earthwork, foundations, and grounding were started in December and completed throughout the winter. The schedule was challenged by the weather as well as the timing of lockouts of different systems, which ultimately allowed for a safe working environment.