Project Detail

Stillwater Eel Passage and Dam Repair

Old Town, ME

Scope of Work

Cianbro completed the demolition and replacement of an existing dam structure on an island in the Stillwater River.

Project Details

  • Demolished ledge and existing dam structure
  • Formed 0.60 tons rebar and placed a 40-foot by 60-foot concrete eel passage (ramp)
  • Installed an eel substrate
  • Installed AquaDam to keep river flow out of the work area
  • Formed 0.75 tons rebar and placed a new 30-foot by 6-foot dam to match the original
  • Installed new flashboards and tie-off stanchions

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro was faced with the major challenge of working in a tight, limited space at the edge of the dam, which required traversing the narrow, shallow river with a barge. The weather and river conditions were also challenging as there were several high water days that flooded the work area.