Project Detail

S. D. Warren Biomass Boiler

Westbrook, ME

Performing on-sitesteel fabrication, the Cianbro team successfully managed over 200 design changes to complete this project five months ahead of schedule.

Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed a 650,000 pounds per hour wood and coal-fired boiler for a paper mill.

Project Details

  • Demolished three major buildings, foundations, and other structures
  • Relocated steam, chemical, solvent, drain, water, and process lines
  • Installed 20,000 linear feet of steel H-pile
  • Erected 2,800 tons of structural steel
  • Excavated over 120,000 cubic yards of earth and backfilled 95,000 cubic yards
  • Placed over 17,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • Constructed a new 100-foot by 160-foot by 220-foot high boiler building with coal storage bunkers and a 350-foot by 150-foot by 100-foot high biomass storage building
  • Installed a new feedwater system
  • Installed a 35MW turbine generator
  • Constructed truck unloading facilities for both wood chips and coal
  • Constructed a screening building to size the wood chips—including a hog and chip blowing system for handling hard or soft wood chips
  • Installed tubular conveyors—880 linear feet of 12.5-foot diameter and 700 linear feet of 10-foot diameter—to deliver wood chips and coal to the boiler
  • Managed purchasing, supply deliveries, and trade partners

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Erecting steel at heights up to 220 feet, at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit, the Cianbro team successfully sequenced work to complete this project within confined and congested work areas.