Project Detail

Northeast Kingdom Connector

Bloomfield, Lemington, & Canaan, VT

Scope of Work

The Northeast Kingdom Connector project consisted of upgrading the electrical/telecommunications reliability is Essex County, Vermont. Cianbro installed a new transformer at Island Pond Substation, constructed a new 22-mile, 34.5 kV distribution line, and installed 37 miles of ADSS fiber optic cable.

Project Details

  • Substation Work:
    • Removed existing 46 kV / 34.5 kV power transformer and associated foundation
    • Installed a new 12/16/20 MVA transformer, foundation, oil containment system, yard drainage, station service supply, and remote monitoring
  • 34.5 kV Distribution Line Work:
    • Cleared trees
    • Installed 22 miles of 34.5 kV, three phase, #556 ACSR conductor
    • Retired 20 miles of 7.62 kV, single phase, #1/0 ASCR conductor
    • Installed 625 distribution poles
    • Installed 130 pieces of equipment including transformers, switches, reclosers, and regulators
    • Completed all service transfers

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

This project was completed with an accelerated schedule and an aggressive time frame of 5.5 months. All work activities were completed roadside, including challenging traffic patterns, which were in conjunction with two major transportation projects on the same major road.