Project Detail

New London State Pier Reconstruction

New London, CT

Using multiple cranes, the Cianbro team successfully phased construction tasks to comply with the strict project schedule.

Scope of Work

Cianbro reconstructed the East Side deck and substructure of the 1,000-foot long pier in the Thames River.

Project Details

  • Removed timber, concrete decking, timber piles, and cross bracing
  • Furnished and installed 18-inch diameter steel pipe piles
  • Installed a cathodic protection system to prevent rust of steel piles
  • Formed and placed concrete pile caps, stringers, and deck
  • Installed waterproof membrane and brick pavers
  • Removed an existing masonry wall and installed a “double wall” precast retaining wall within the tidal zone
  • Demolished and replaced water, electrical, and lighting systems
  • Installed navigational lighting and electrical outlets along the pier
  • Installed dual railroad tracks along the length of the pier and adjacent land side area
  • Completed adjacent site improvements including excavation, drainage and utility improvements

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The Cianbro team successfully used vibratory compaction methods to compact unconsolidated soils located between the existing retaining wall and the new double wall.