Project Detail

Broadway Pier Rehabilitation

Baltimore, MD

Scope of Work

Cianbro rehabilitated the Broadway Pier in Baltimore, Maryland.

Project Details

  • Installed sediment and erosion control devices
  • Removed timber fender piles on east and south sides of the pier
  • Removed miscellaneous fittings on deck including guard rails, cleats, mooring posts, electric pole, broken double bitt, etc.
  • Removed asphalt surface—including Belgian stone below—within work limits
  • Excavated existing deck fill as required to perform paving, sheet piling, and electrical utilities
  • Repaired concrete curb and face of concrete retaining wall, timber fenders on west side of pier, concrete piles on east side of pier, and bearing timber piles and caps on east side
  • Replaced missing/corroded connection bolts in timber piles/caps
  • Installed timber piles, caps, and decking, steel sheet piling, electric conduits, cable and light base for street lighting
  • Backfilled excavation using stockpiled material from barge and compact subgrade and provide concrete vases for brick pavers
  • Installed bollard on east side of pier
  • Installed rubber fenders on east and west sides of pier and timber fenders on west side of pier
  • Installed timber bullrail
  • Installed conduits and light pole foundations
  • Installed 2 ea. 7-pile timber dolphins adjacent to south end of pier