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Charlie Cianchette Sworn-in as Maine's Associated General Contractors (AGC) President for 2014

Cianbro's Northern New England Regional Vice President Charlie Cianchette has been selected to serve as president of AGC Maine in 2014. Associated General Contractors of Maine is the state’s largest construction trade association, and has been speaking on behalf of Maine's construction industry since incorporation in 1952. Charlie follows two of his uncles, Cianbro founders Bud and Ken Cianchette, as company team members who have served in the role of AGC Maine president. At his swearing-in ceremony, Charlie outlined his plans for leading AGC Maine throughout the coming year.
I am humbled to be in this position for the next year. AGC is a tremendous and respected organization in the state and country.
I’m also very excited to have the opportunity to work with all of you, and with our great staff. I would like to thank our staff Matt, Scott, Sandy and Don for organizing this and all the events of AGC Maine. This team is by far the best team AGC Maine has had in years. Please join me in expressing our appreciation for their hard work.
I would also like to thank the team at Cianbro for their support and allowing me to take on this role. I truly appreciate the opportunity.
And one more thank you is to my family for their commitment and support of me over the years. My mother is here tonight and while it has been a few years since she has been to an AGC meeting she has been a great and long term supporter of the organization. She still enjoys AGC Ladies' Lunch with many friends. A special thank you to my wife Mary Kate who is always at my side, and my sisters Tam, Lynn and Andrea and brothers-in-law Mike and Scott.
I hear from past AGC presidents that the year goes by very fast and before you know it all those things you wanted to get done in that year don’t always get done. Nevertheless, I have great aspirations for this year and I’m asking for your support.
My theme for this year is Building Members.
It’s not building membership – but that is an important part of my goal.  
It is Building Members.
I want each member of AGC Maine to be stronger as a result of your membership in our Association. We ALL aspire to be excellent contractors with even better safety records, well-trained workforces, stronger businesses and a robust pipeline of work.
AGC Maine can help our members accomplish ALL of these goals.
Building Members involves three big goals.
1) Make sure our members have what you need to succeed
2) Increase and involve ALL members in AGC
3) Ensure our dues deliver value to all members
My first goal is to make sure our members have what they need to succeed:
I want to connect members to the AGC training programs. We can help you have a skilled workforce with training programs available through AGC Maine.
AGC Maine’s training programs have been used by over 80% of our membership; in 2013 we trained well over 500 individuals, from crane operator certifications to flagger training and OSHA 510 and more (and Don thank you very much for all you do).
I want to help all AGC members take a leadership position on legislation for our industry at the State House in order to deliver the business opportunities we need. Our AGC team tracked more than 300 bills and the team and member companies testified on 60 of these bills. I personally know that Matt and Scott had a major impact on the bond package approval. They are providing real opportunities for our businesses. (How many of you read your AGC PunchList this week and saw just how many bills AGC is tracking for us… ??? These bills impact our businesses.)
I want our members to take a leadership role at the Federal level to ensure the right regulatory environment as well as the necessary funding for our businesses to succeed. Matt already has meetings set up for us with Senators Collins and King and with the Federal Department of Labor. 
I want to ensure you have the resources to grow your businesses with consensus docs, deals on equipment and other construction-related programs available through AGC.
Having what you need to succeed is my #1 goal: training, business opportunities, the right regulatory environment and resources.
My second goal is to increase our membership and the involvement of our current members.
In 2002 we had a total membership of 253…today we are at 140. We are a membership organization -- and the more members, the stronger our organization. It is vital to us that we increase our membership. I ask each of you to help with this opportunity. I say opportunity because as new members come into our organization, they make us better and provide all of us with their knowledge and experience as well as add financial strength for our organization.
And it’s not just about increasing membership but involving our members. I’m committed to getting more members more involved in AGC. I’d like see members: 
• provide inputs to committees,
• sit on our task forces, 
• interview scholarship candidates, 
• attend legislative briefings, 
• join us at the national convention in Las Vegas with ConExpo, 
• come to the 5 o’clock shop talks, 
• watch AGC TV, 
• and join Mary Kate and I at the summer outing with your families.
As you sit here tonight, please think about how you or someone in your company could get involved now in small or large ways. Your energy and effort really matters to our organization.
My third goal is to revisit the dues structure of our organization to ensure value, fairness and cost effectiveness for each and every member. Dues range from a few hundred dollars to over $16,000 a year. As part of the national board, I’ve been involved in AGC America changing their dues structure this year to a franchise-type structure which makes it an appropriate time to look at AGC Maine dues.
I will launch a task force to investigate what would work best for our organization to operate, grow and thrive.
The country’s economy is starting to turn…so we need to prepare now to ensure our companies are strong and we have the available work force and business opportunities to grow. 
AGC Maine is really behind us in our efforts.  
I believe we are the best membership organization in the state of Maine and I want to offer you my support/leadership to help keep us strong.  
I will close tonight by saying thank you for this opportunity. 
I look forward to working with each of you and the team to strengthen AGC MAINE and our member businesses.  










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