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Cianbro Selected to Erect Newest Attraction at National Harbor near Nation’s Capital

Cianbro's Mid-Atlantic Region team has been awarded a contract to erect the Capital Wheel, the newest landmark in the Washington, D.C. area.  The Capital Wheel will be a large scale observation wheel similar to the world class wheels such as the London Eye in the United Kingdom, the Niagara SkyWheel at Niagara Falls, and the Seattle Great Wheel in Washington State.  The Capital Wheel is located on an existing concrete pier more than 600 feet from the shoreline and will take visitors 175 feet into the air over the Potomac River at National Harbor in Maryland.  Washington icons such as the Capitol, the White House, the National Mall, and Arlington Cemetery will be visible to riders.  Forty-two climate-controlled gondolas will hold a total of 336 passengers.  The developer, Peterson Companies, has announced that "the Capital Wheel will offer riders a spectacular view of the Nation's Capital from a new perspective."

Cianbro's role on the project will be to serve as construction manager and the general contractor.  The Capital Wheel's manufacturer, Chance Rides of Kansas, will supply components that Cianbro will then install during a fast-tracked schedule that is designed to have the new attraction completed in May of 2014, in time for the upcoming summer season.  Cianbro Fabrication and Coating Corporation is fabricating steel for the base structure on which the wheel will be erected.  Cianbro's Equipment Group will provide a 4100 Series 2 crane on a flexi-float material barge to assist with the construction.  Other aspects of the project that Cianbro will perform include site demolition, foundation system, cast-in-place concrete slab, new floating dock access for the existing marina, pre-cast fascia, exit and entrance ramps, operator / electrical house, informational kiosk and a new hard panel structural steel framed canopy system.  Cianbro team members have been collaborating with the Peterson Companies, Chance Rides, the architect and the engineering team for several months during the pre-construction phase of the project.  

Cianbro Corporation President Andi Vigue says the company is happy to be associated with this investment in the area.  "Cianbro has worked on many of the landmarks in the Washington, D.C. area over the years," he said.  "Those include the Air Force Memorial, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, the Humpback Bridge over Boundary Channel, the Chesapeake and Ohio Towpath, and the Arlington Memorial Bridge. In fact, Cianbro built the piers at National Harbor where the new Capital Wheel is being erected. I am confident that our team will do a great job, again."    

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