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Cianbro Irby Team Members Raise a Second Donation for Make-A-Wish® Maine

Cianbro team members might remember an effort this past summer by Cianbro Irby Joint Venture Transmission & Distribution crews who raised $6,000 for Make-A-Wish® Maine, the non-profit organization that grants wishes to Maine children with life-threatening illnesses. The Cianbro Irby team raised the money by collecting returnables on their jobsites while forgoing a company-sponsored meal awarded for safety excellence and earmarking the meal money for the Make-A-Wish coffers. The final $600 was donated by two executives of the Joint Venture team, Cianbro's Senior Vice President of Operations Earle Cianchette and Irby's President Bill Korlath, with the stipulation that the crews begin another drive right away to raise money for the worthy cause. Now comes the announcement that the Cianbro Irby team has issued a second $6,000 donation to the charity, having collected the funds in the same manner as the first donation. The money was turned over to Rebecca Leaming from Make-A-Wish Maine during morning stretches this week at the JV's yards in Leeds and Windsor.  

A footnote: The Cianbro Irby team is already halfway toward their goal of raising a third donation for Make-A-Wish Maine. They plan to wrap up the third collection in time for Christmas.     

"The team members on this project never cease to amaze me when it comes to helping out a young child with a debilitating illness," said Cianbro Irby Project Superintendant Bob Franck. "Whether it's for Make-A-Wish or any other fundraiser, they genuinely and truly give from the heart. After we reached our first Make-A-Wish goal, and the team saw what a difference it would make in a young child's life, the project team without hesitation decided to earn the money necessary to grant a second wish which was achieved in a relatively short period of time. When it comes to rallying the troops for a need like this, there isn’t a selfish bone in the group. As a supervisor and fellow team member on this project, I'm proud to say I'm part of this great team."

Cianbro Irby Project Manager Don Mullin had this to say about the effort: "As I recall Shawna McKenney, our Cianbro Irby JV photo-documentation specialist, first proposed the thought of collecting the recyclables for donation to Make-A-Wish. She presented her idea to the crews at a morning safety meeting in our show-up yard.  I believe it was one of the crew members that suggested the crews donate the cost of the safety incentive meal to the cause. It was spontaneously and verbally sustained by all the crew members on the spot. It’s impressive that this group of employees so instinctively embraced the effort. It says a great deal about the caliber of people we have working on the project and it naturally warms the heart of anyone who becomes aware of their efforts. The safety incentive requirement is not an easy one to meet; it requires focus and effort on a regular basis and is rarely achieved on projects of any kind, let alone on this challenging linear project in rough terrain. There is no doubt that the credit belongs exclusively to the dedication of the men and women in the field. Not surprisingly the incentive goal was only intermittently met when the meal was the only reward. Now that Make-A-Wish is the goal, the incentive is rarely if ever missed. I find the efforts of these men and women to be a benchmark in the measure of the substance of a human being, not to mention the children the cause serves." 










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