Project Detail

138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild


Scope of Work

Cianbro rebuilt 23 miles of 138kV transmission line that included the removal of two circuits on existing lattice towers and the construction of two circuits with steel monopoles on concrete foundations.

Project Details

  • Installed 124 new steel monopole structures on concrete foundations
  • Installed 8 steel BOLD® (Breakthrough Overhead Line Design) transmission structures on drilled concrete foundations
  • Installed 976,000 feet of new conductor
  • Removed 107 existing lattice towers
  • Removed 854,000 feet of conductor

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The project team worked collaboratively to develop a project execution plan that addressed several challenges, including the required use of composite mats to build access roads, and crossing through a large, high traffic industrial park. By utilizing new, higher capacity rope pullers the team improved their wire pulling efficiency and eliminated hardline pulls. Additional efficiencies were made by installing access joiner roads to enhance movement in the right of way and by using outside resources to spot steel, which allowed members of the team to be utilized for other tasks.

The project also included multiple BOLD® structures that, because of their design, lowered the height of a section of the transmission line that was in close proximity to a regional airport. In order to accommodate the accelerated schedule of this project, four (4) separate helicopter crews were engaged to complete the project on time.