Project Detail

Above Grade Substation Addition


Scope of Work

Cianbro performed the above grade build-out of a new 115 kV bay addition at a substation along with the installation of a 138 kV cable to an adjacent Static Var Compensator (SVC) facility.

Project Details

  • Installed three (3) 115 kV SF6 circuit breakers and line voltage transformers
  • Installed seven (7) 115 kV VT's and six (6) surge arresters
  • Assembled, adjusted, and ductored four (4) 115 kV breaker disconnect switches and one (1) motor operated switch
  • Installed three (3) lightning arresters and 115 kV station service transformers
  • Erected structural steel terminal structures
  • Installed and terminated four (4) runs of 138 kV cable to the SVC facility
  • Installed aluminum bus and taps
  • Fabricated and installed 1,238 linear feet of rigid 5-inch tubular bus and strain bus
  • Set, anchored, and grounded three (3) new control cabinets
  • Pulled 20,950 linear feet of power and control cables
  • Installed all above grade grounding
  • Installed and terminated 1,520 linear feet of 138 kV Solid Dielectric Cable

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The original project required Cianbro to pull in the strain bus over energized 115 kV bus. Through coordination with the Owner, the project team was able to establish bus outage windows to install the structural steel dead-ends and the strain bus over de-energized bus sections in a one day outage. Additionally, the installations were executed adjacent to an energized 115 kV Bay that were flagged and barricaded to remind team members of the energized conditions and required clearances.