Project Detail

Line 1 Transmission Line Rebuild

Withheld Upon Owner Request

Scope of Work

Cianbro installed 12.2 miles of temporary transmission line in an existing ROW with 115 kV single pole structures and constructed a 12.2 mile transmission line with 115 kV DOM type steel H-Frame structures with steel cross arms.

Project Details

  • Installed 140 temporary structures
  • Installed 12.2 miles of 3 phase temporary 336 ACSR Linnet conductor
  • Installed 3 #6 alumoweld shield wire
  • Installed 105 permanent 115 kV DOM type steel H-Frame structures with steel cross arms
  • Installed 12.17 miles of permanent 3 phase 1033 ACSR Ortolan conductor
  • Installed 12.14 miles of 3 #6 Alumoweld shield 
  • Installed 12.18 miles of DNO 10100 fiber optic shield wire
  • Demolished the 12.2 mile temporary 115 kV transmission line including the removal of 140 temporary structures, 3 phase temporary 336 ACSR Linnet conductor, and 3 #6 alumoweld shield wire

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The project team faced several challenges during construction of the project, including working around an energized 115 kV transmission line, winter working conditions, a prolonged heatwave and 100% humidity levels for weeks, and challenging terrain within the ROW, including steep grades and swampy areas. Most significantly, excavating for a significant amount of the structures posed a challenge with high levels of bedrock being encountered slowing production and resulting in the team re-evaluating the wire pull plans. The entire project team worked collaboratively to ensure the project schedule was met, while working safely.