Project Detail

Substation and Transmission Line

Withheld Upon Owner Request

Scope of Work

Cianbro demolished an existing 34.5 kV substation, re-built a new 34.5 / 115 kV substation, and installed two new 115 kV transmission line sections, spanning four miles each.

Project Details

  • Installed temporary build-around to keep power fed to the 34.5 kV distribution lines during substation construction  
  • Placed over 4,400 timber mats along Right of Way
  • Demolished the existing substation
  • Prepped the yard foundations, piers, and slabs for new steel, equipment and control house while the electricians ran ground grid
  • Erected new 115 kV A-frame, 34.5 kV box structure and miscellaneous steel to support yard equipment
  • Fabricated and hung all the bus work in the 34.5 kV and 115 kV yards
  • Fully outfitted the interior of the newly erected control house
  • Pulled, tested, terminated, ringed and landed all cables and wires in the yard and control house

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

With the project spread over four miles, the team traveled across busy roadways, requiring significant traffic control planning and controls. During construction of the transmission line, Cianbro was faced with the challenge of erecting two 100 feet poles in a bog full of peat moss. During substation construction, maintaining the project schedule while overcoming steel fit-up issues was a challenge. Virtually all of the steel for the 34.5 kV box structure was refabricated or modified to fit as a result of the Vendor fabricating the steel incorrectly. Another challenge included the installation of a temporary build-around to keep electricity fed to the four distribution lines coming out of the substation.