Project Detail

Lake Wallenpaupack Surge Tank Reinforcement

Hawley, PA

Scope of Work

Cianbro furnished and installed steel reinforcing bands on Courses 14 and 16 of the surge tank at the Lake Wallenpaupack Hydroelectric Plant in Hawley, PA.

Project Details

  • Installed 90 feet of system scaffold  around the 170 foot circumference of the surge tank with two working platforms
  • Removed and reinstalled (70) 14 foot by 3.5-foot frost wall panels
  • Blasted two areas of the tank (Courses 14 and 16 – each 5 feet high and 170 feet around the tank) to remove lead paint
  • Installed temporary monorail around the tank to move steel plates
  • Installed (48) 30-foot by 1.25-foot rolled steel plates (24 per Course) using a 30T RT crane and monorail system, and welded per ASME pressure vessel code to provide reinforcement to the tank in two locations
  • Pumped and placed 300 cubic feet of non-shrink grout behind the new steel plates and filled the 2 inch gap between the existing tank wall and new steel bands
  • Removed scaffold and demobilized the site

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

A single lane access road and lack of space at the tower base presented a challenge with moving materials to and from the site.  Another challenge included performing a portion of the work on the side of a cliff next to a valley in the winter with high winds and freezing temperatures.  Additionally, the crane could only access one-third of the tank so Cianbro developed and engineered a temporary monorail system that allowed efficient installation of the steel plates.