Project Detail

Skelton Station Upgrade

Dayton, ME

Scope of Work

Cianbro performed a major upgrade to Skelton Station to improve the efficiency of power generation during low river flows.

Project Details

  • Removed two GE generators and Kaplan turbines
  • Removed and re-installed two discharge rings, which included in-place machining of entire headcover and turbine area
  • Installed new wicket gates, servo motors and associated hardware
  • Performed a complete upgrade of the electrical system including MCC and plant controls
  • Modified the existing concrete pedestals and sole plates
  • Installed two new Voith Kaplan turbines and Hyuandai 11 MW generators
  • Replaced all hydraulic and lube oil systems
  • Installed a new back-up generator
  • Upgraded the “Black Start” system

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

During construction, the team faced complicated rigging and access challenges during the removal of existing components and the installation of new ones. A partnership approach between Brookfield, Voith and Cianbro allowed the project team to overcome these challenges and re-prioritize work activities to safely and successfully complete the project.