Project Detail

West Hempfield – Prince 138 kV Underground

Lancaster, PA

Scope of Work

Cianbro installed 4,220 feet of underground 138 kV (1500kcmil) transmission cable and removed the existing overhead conductor and 14 existing steel monopole structures.

Project Details

  • Framed and set termination pole structure for existing double circuit 138kV 556 overhead conductor wire to double circuit 1500kcmil underground transmission cable
  • Installed 37,980 feet of conduit and 4,220 feet of duct bank
  • Placed 1,925 cubic yards of concrete
  • Set 6 manholes – manholes were set in pairs, each holding a separate circuit
  • Removed 25,320 feet of overhead 556 conductor
  • Removed 14 steel monopoles

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Work activity plans and traffic flow management was critical to the success of this project. The last 1,000 feet of the project was within a high volume traffic area, located next to Clipper Stadium. The Cianbro team successfully managed the construction of the project and maintained a steady traffic flow without interference with the vehicular traffic to Clipper Stadium.