Hosensack Quarry #1 & #2

Bethlehem, PA

Scope of Work

The reliability upgrade project involved the rebuild of 4.3 miles of existing transmission line, Hosensack-Quarry #1 & #2 in between Quarry and Seidersville substations. 49 new structures were installed, with approximately 5,061 feet of 0.567 OPGW from the Freemansburg tap poles to Quarry substation, including a 1,157 feet Lehigh River crossing. Cianbro constructed this project in 4 major line segments involving 8 outages.

Project Details

  • Installed 18 concrete caisson foundations ranging from 6 feet to 10 feet in diameter
  • Erected 18 steel double circuit steel poles mounted onto foundations
  • Erected 31 direct embedded double circuit steel poles
  • Installed 556 conductors
  • Demolished existing conductor, 60 existing wood poles, steel poles and steel lattice towers
  • Performed right-of-way access and environmental controls
  • Performed environmental restoration

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The construction of this project presented several unique challenges the team overcame through precise project planning including crossing over interstate 78 and state route 412, a 1,157 feet crossing over the Lehigh River, and constructing the 1,200 feet Homers Tap over a steep elevation drop.