Project Detail

Livermore Falls Substation

Livermore Falls, ME

Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed a 115 kV four bay structure addition with five line terminals in a breaker-and-a half configuration.

Project Details

  • Cleared trees, grubbed, excavated and backfilled the project site
  • Placed 732 cubic yards of concrete for 91 foundations
  • Installed 493 feet of precast cable trench
  • Erected a 65 feet four bay 115 kV Tubular Steel Dead End Structure and 37 miscellaneous steel structures
  • Constructed a 28 feet by 52 feet control house with raised floor and installed all electrical including:
    • AC/DC equipment, cable tray, lighting, control cabinets, wiring, and terminations
  • Installed all 115 kV yard equipment, including 8 circuit breakers, 32 disconnect switches, and several CCVT’s, LA’s, and insulators
  • Installed approximately 2,500 feet of flexible and rigid bus
  • Installed approximately 64,000 feet of cables and conductors
  • Installed two new 115 kV strain buses from the new yard expansion to the existing 115 kV structures
  • Installed a new control house, AC station service pad mount transformer, and AC back-up generator
  • Demolished portions of the existing 115 kV and 34 kV yard including structures and foundations
  • Removed the existing control house building

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The project site was located on the side of a hill which created the potential for unique and problematic environmental issues pertaining to ground water run-off. To prevent ground water run-off, several types of environmental controls were used including permanent ditches at the beginning of the job to ensure we controlled the flow of the off-site run-off.