Project Detail

Deer Isle/Sedgwick Bridge Rehabilitation

Deer Isle & Sedgwick, ME

A unique feature of this project was the extremely narrow working space. Our design group came to the rescue with a specially made panel lifting trailer for removing and replacing deck panels. This system allowed us to remove and replace panels without interfering with traffic or suspender cables.

Scope of Work

Cianbro rehabilitated the superstructure of the historic Deer Isle/Sedgwick Bridge.

Project Details

  • Removed approximately 50,000 square feet of existing concrete filled grid deck while maintaining vehicular traffic
  • Installed 238 deck panels – approximately 50,000 square feet of new grid deck partially filled with pre-cast lightweight concrete
  • Replaced six existing expansion joints
  • Refurbished two finger joints with drainage troughs
  • Performed structural repairs to floor beams
  • Performed micro-milling, placing high performance membrane, and asphalt paving
  • Replaced Rocker Arm Assemblies at each end of the suspension spans
  • Repaired concrete on the bridge piers
  • Installed guard rails at each end of the bridge

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The existing suspension bridge was 20 feet wide curb to curb. The deck was replaced in 9 feet wide panels in a 200-foot work zone while maintaining alternating one-way traffic in the other lane.