Project Detail

Wilmington Harbor South Jetty Rehabilitation

Wilmington, DE

“Cianbro has one of the best safety programs in the construction industry. The job was completed with 31,000 plus work-hours, and 9,000 plus diving hours with no lost time or property damage accidents.”

George Pappas, Army Corps of Engineers

Scope of Work

Cianbro rehabilitated the Wilmington Harbor South Jetty—including 13 circular cofferdams—on the Christina River, in Wilmington, Delaware.

Project Details

  • Performed demolition of the existing concrete caps on 13 circular cofferdams and on the upper portion of all cofferdams including double channel walers
  • Provided temporary support of all existing mechanical equipment, pipelines, and related structures
  • Excavated stone and soil fill within the circular cofferdams
  • Constructed new reinforced concrete caps on, and encasements around, the 13 circular cofferdams
  • Installed an articulating concrete revetment, with associated anchor and side trenches, on the north side of the jetty structure
  • Backfilled the anchor and side trenches with riprap

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The Cianbro team, with extensive experience in marine construction, coordinated all construction activities with the Army Corps of Engineers, Diamond State Port Corporation, and the Delaware Terminal to complete this project in three phases. Cianbro managed work activities to accommodate water depths ranging from 20 feet to 40 feet on the shipping side of the jetty and up to 8 feet on the back of the jetty