Fabrication & Coating
Fabrication & Coating

Cianbro specializes in turn-key, value-added fabrication and coatings services to clients throughout North America.
Fabrication & Coating Service
  • Bridge - New & Rehabilitation
  • Miscellaneous Metals
  • Heavy Weldments
  • Emergency Repair
  • Beam & Column
  • Sophisticated Coatings
  • Facilities AISC Certified: STD, SBR, CBR, F, SPE
  • Welding: Personnel & Procedures
  • Qualified To: AWS, D1.1, D1.5, D1.6
  • Certified Inspectors: AWS-CWI, SNT-TC-IA, MT, PT, UT, VT, Nace II & III
  • Drawings: In-House Detailing, 3D Modeling, Clash Detection, Drawing Revision Control
  • Materials: Stringent MATL Procurement, Inventory, Traceability
  • Schedule & Resource Coating
  • In Process QC Documentation
Cianbro is recognized as a national leader in workplace health and safety. A team that is well-educated in health and safety is the key to eliminating risks, improving quality, and achieving outstanding productivity. Our managers have developed a comprehensive safety program that encourages team members at every level to discuss and improve safety in the workplace.
The Cianbro Institute provides recruiting, hiring and both craft and professional development opportunities. The Cianbro Institute has full-time instructors dedicated to developing team members, accredited apprenticeship programs, and partnerships with external organizations. Cianbro provides a highly qualified and dedicated workforce skilled in multiple craft and professional trades in various aspects of construction, maximizing productivity and allowing us to quickly adapt to our client’s needs.
The Cianbro Institute has a workforce development center where instructors and team members are able to replicate practical applications and develop the skills necessary to successfully complete the work required.
Fabrication & Coating Facilities

Fabrication & Coating Facility - Pittsfield, ME

Cianbro’s Fabrication and Coating Facility, located in Pittsfield, Maine, is situated on a 15 acre parcel with 48,000 square feet of fabrication and coating space. The Pittsfield Facility is known for its experienced workforce and is strategically equipped to handle a wide range of fabrication types, including fracture critical welding (AISC Major Bridge Certified).

Facility Details:
  • 21,000 sf of Manufacturing Floor Space in the Fabrication Facility
  • 27,000 sf of Floor Space in the Industrial Coating Facility
  • Air Blast/Steel Shot Recovery Room
  • Rail & Road Transportation (Direct Access to Interstate 95)
  • Successful, Behavior-Based Safety Program
  • Rigorous Hazardous Waste Program & Disposal Policy