Job Description

Title: Surveyor
Location: Brewer, ME

Provide direct detailed survey control and layout support to project teams in order to efficiently, successfully, and profitably complete assigned construction projects.  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work within construction on the measurement and monitoring of projects, as well as producing maps, plans and charts of different features.
  • Preparation of maps and plans for the planning and construction of structures, accurately and precisely producing maps or plans and representing the information in two or three dimensions.
  • Producing up-to-date plans, which form the basis for the design of a project; setting out a site so that a structure is built in the correct spot and to the correct size, monitoring the construction process to make sure that the structure remains in the right position, and recording the final as-built position; heavy civil construction surveying.
  • Field data collection, setting horizontal and vertical controls, topographical surveys and construction stakeout.
  • Prepares and verifies mathematical calculations related to surveying and basic engineering; computes and adjusts angles, distances, bearings traverses and elevations; interprets and computes field data; evaluates for accuracy and completeness; as well as ensuring that the construction takes place to the dimensions and tolerances required. Maintains accurate survey and non-survey related records in the form of field notes, reports and sketches; maintains vertical and horizontal control notes in files, field book and computer.
  • Provides confirmation of sub-trade layout and installation, to include capturing as-built data as needed Utilize 3D models and CAD for generating survey points for layout in the field, and capture survey points in the field for verification against 3D models and CAD

Qualifications / Requirements:

  • Using complex optical and electronic instruments and equipment
  • Reduction of raw field data Using computers and related software AutoCAD/ AutoCAD Civil 3D Basic and advanced Total Station (Survey points, resection, stake out, traverse)
  • As-Built verification – Back check from field to model/model to field.
  • Construction Staking
  • Layout – Building/Grid layout, various building systems layout, equipment/anchorage layout, foundation and bolt templates layout and verification, verification of structural systems, etc. 

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