Job Description

Title: Pipe Welder
Location: ME/NH/MA/CT/NY

Job Responsibilities:

  • Weld pipe with consistent quality and safe work practices by understanding and following layouts, blueprints, and work orders.
  • Identify different types and preparation of materials used in pipe welding.
  • Understand proper care in handling materials.
  • Identify and use various types of welding tools, wire, and machines.
  • Troubleshoot by understanding blueprints, identify issues, and taking corrective actions.
  • Perform initial QA/QC checks on finished work to ensure conformance with specifications.
  • Gain exposure and experience of pipefitting.


  • Minimum of 4 - 6 years of Journey level experience.
  • Proficient in the use of cutting torch, plasma arc, and cutting machines.
  • Prior experience working off lifts or staging.
  • Prior Rigging experience is a plus.
  • Ability to pass non-destructive weld testing (i.e. X-ray, sonogram) is a plus.
  • Licensing or additional certification may be required depending on project location.
  • Must be proficient in both SMAW and GTAW process on carbon and stainless steel pipe. Will be required to pass a Cianbro certification examination on four different procedures:

1. 4" Sch. 80 6010 or 6011 open root. Then 7018 3/32 fill and cap.
2. 2" .436 XX heavy carbon pipe. Tig half way out with ER70S2. Then stick with 3/32 7018.
3. 2" .436 XX heavy carbon pipe. Tig half way out with 309SS. Then stick with 3/32 309SS.
4. 2" Sch. 10 SS butt weld. Fused root with no filler. Then 3/32 cap.

Welders must be able to walk the cup on pipe. Cianbro does not certify free hand welders.
Welders who do not pass all four tests will be considered limited welders and may be placed accordingly or not at all. Must pass a visual and bend test inspection.

Cianbro is an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate based on marital status, race, color, creed, gender, sex, religion, national origin, gender identity, age, veteran status, union affiliation, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, or sexual orientation.