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Scope of Work
Cianbro removed the existing Route 52 steel truss bridge, demolished the bridge abutments and built a new concrete arch bridge spanning the Wallkill River.  

Project Details
  • Utilized a 4100 ringer crane for demolition and erection, set up on land, in lieu of using a smaller crane on a temporary trestle in river bed to minimize environmental exposure and flooding 
  • Engineered and constructed a temporary utility / foot bridge
  • Dismantled and removed an existing 225 ft long by 42 ft wide steel truss bridge
  • Excavated and removed material in preparation for the new bridge abutments and wingwalls
  • Drilled and blasted rock for the new concrete thrust blocks
  • Constructed the thrust blocks and erecting shoring towers with EFCO forms to form the new concrete arch bridge
  • Placed two arch ribs and erected new precise columns and pier caps
  • Formed and placed new bridge abutments
  • Installed precast box beams
  • Placed new concrete deck and sidewalks
  • Installed new bridge railing and lighting
  • Upgraded existing roads, drainage structures, curbs, and sidewalks
  • Installed new trees and street lights throughout the village of Walden

Unique Challenge

The Wallkill River is subject to flash flooding, depending on rainfall and snow melt runoffs.  As a result, the Cianbro team worked diligently around “Mother Nature” to stay on schedule and on budget.  In 2003 the river set record flows with levels reaching approximately 50 times more than the normal.

Project Information

New York State Department of Transportation

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Completed Spring 2005

Walden, NY
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