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Scope of Work
Cianbro lengthened the primary runway, upgraded the navigational aids, replaced the approach light structures, and installed the runway centerline and touchdown lights, on a 7,000 ft long runway.

Project Details
  • Lengthened the primary runway by 400 feet
  • Installed foundations for the electrical regulator building, emergency generator building, and the electrical substation
  • Constructed 45 approach light bases, a 650 ft long blast deflector and the foundation for a localizer antenna
  • Constructed two large concrete manhole structures as part of the runway drainage system
  • Brought primary power to the site, assembled, and erected the light pole structures
  • Constructed a catwalk bridge that spans the Maine Turnpike
  • Performed the following during a 6-day shutdown outage of the airport:
  • Formed, reinforced, and placed a 250 ft long, 110 cy concrete light bar in 24-hours
  • Stripped and repaved the entire runway
  • Finalized site earthwork and light foundations in the safety area
  • Tied-in the runway lights

Unique Challenge

Cianbro performed most of this work in the summer months, working day and night shifts, prior to the scheduled six-day runway outage in early September 2004.

Project Information

City of Portland

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Completed July 2005

Portland, ME
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