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Scope of Work
Cianbro is rehabilitating the Pennington Avenue Bascule Bridge over Curtis Creek in Baltimore, Maryland.  The original contract included rehab of the main bascule bridge operating machinery, gearing, electrical and control equipment, lighting, and other miscellaneous repairs. The Owner issued an extra work change order that includes structural repairs, replacement of floor beams, purlins, deck grating, and painting of the entire bridge.  

Project Details
  • Replacing the electric motor control center, control cabinets, control desk, automatic transfer switch, panel boards, and transformers
  • Concurrently maintaining and replacing the existing control system
  • Replacing the existing lighting, conduit and wire system
  • Furnishing and installing the center lock, tail lock and leaf motors
  • Completing the rehabilitation of open gearing
  • Replacing the sidewalk on the bascule span,
  • Repairing roadway grating and steel/concrete repairs
  • Providing potable water supply, distribution system, new sanitary line, and sewage holding tank for the control house
  • Maintaining traffic flow throughout the project
  • Replacing floor beams, framing, purlins, and deck grating
  • Painting bridge

Unique Challenge

Cianbro installed seven 580 ft long submarine cables during a one week navigation channel closure. During a routine inspection, the team found that 1 of 8 of the trunnion bearings was cracked and needed replacement. The Owner issued a change order for the replacement. The team engineered the jacking system to jack the entire Southwest span of the bridge in order to remove the old two-ton bearing and install a new bearing.

Project Information

City of Baltimore Department of Transportation

Type of Project:
Transportation & Infrastructure

Construction Schedule:                             
Start: January 2008
Complete: November 2011

Baltimore, MD
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