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Scope of Work 
The Cianbro/Middlesex Joint Venture Team is currently performing work on the new extradosed cable stayed Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge over the Quinnipiac River.  The project includes the installation of the main span footings, west approach ramps, and utility operations on adjacent roadways throughout the site.  

Project Details 
The Cianbro/Middlesex Team:
  • Installing 4 each, 44 ft x 170 ft cofferdams
  • Installing 42 each, 8 ft diameter drilled shafts at the 4 main span foundations with a maximum depth of 220 ft
  • Driving 591 each, 16 and 20 inch prestressed concrete pile at 4 abutments and 18 pier locations
  • Installing cast-in-place footings, columns and caps at each pier location in addition to the architectural abutment concrete
  • Constructing two work trestles totaling 54,000 sf in area including:
    • 250 each, 24 inch diameter pipe pile totaling 1,950 tons
    • Structural steel frame totaling 2,200 tons
    • Wood decking totaling 1,650 tons
  • Installing bearings, structural steel, concrete decks, parapets and bridge drainage along the west approach
Dynamic partnering between the Cianbro/Middlesex JV, the Connecticut DOT, URS, Lochner and the entire Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge team has created innovative ideas to successfully and safely meet the demands of this challenging project.

Unique Challenge

The Cianbro team is constructing the two work trestles, the four cofferdams, the 42 drilled shafts and the main span footings before December 21st 2009.

Project Information

Connecticut Department of Transportation 

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Start: April 2008
Complete: September 2011

New Haven, CT
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