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Scope of Work
Cianbro rehabilitated the main cable, replaced the handrope system, and installed new wire rope suspenders at designated locations on the main span suspension system of this 70-year-old, 2,200 lf bridge.

Project Details
  • Removed and disposed of existing main cable wire wrapping
  • Repaired, compacted, waterproofed, rewrapped, and coated 4,400 lf of 10 ¾ inch main cable with new galvanized steel wire
  • Re-caulked and repainted cable bands
  • Fabricated extensometer and retensioned cable band bolts
  • Fabricated a temporary jacking system to remove and install new wire rope suspenders at four designated locations 
  • Removed and replaced handrope system
  • Installed bridge necklace lighting system
The Cianbro team successfully completed heavy rigging challenges by designing and installing a unique highline cable system to move materials and equipment including the 1,650 lb wrapping machine along the main cable.

Unique Challenge

The Cianbro team successfully managed fall hazards by constructing and suspending 1,750 lf of 8 ft wide work platforms, parallel to the main cable, at an elevation of 6 ft to 150 ft off the road deck and 175 ft to 325 ft off the water.

Project Information

Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Phase I 
Completed December 1999  
Phase II
Completed October 2000

Bristol, RI

Project Awards

Cianbro won the 2001 AGC Build America Award for this unique project.
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