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Scope of Work
Cianbro is constructing a nine span, 1,639 ft bridge carrying two northbound and southbound lanes of the Spaulding Turnpike over Little Bay. The new bridge is being built between the existing General Sullivan and Little Bay Bridges.

Project Details
  • Constructing a temporary work trestle for construction access
  • Installing 24 each – 8 ft, 6 in diameter drilled shafts
  • Constructing two reinforced concrete abutments supported on steel pipe piles
  • Constructing 8 each reinforced concrete piers
  • Constructing a reinforced 75 ft wide concrete deck on eight lines of structural steel girders
  • Constructing a 12 ft wide pedestrian approach bridge to the existing General Sullivan Bridge on the Dover side
  • Performing all associated approach roadwork including 400 lf of roadway on the Newington approach and 2,300 lf of roadway on the Dover approach
  • Realigning and reconstructing approximately 2,600 lf of Hilton Drive
  • Constructing 700 lf of mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall and 700 lf of wood panel sound wall on a crash barrier and concrete slab along the west side of the Spaulding Turnpike north of the new bridge
  • Reconstructing approximately 2,000 lf of the pedestrian trail along Pomeroy Cover to accommodate emergency access

Unique Challenge

The construction schedule for this project is very linear and major phases of work cannot be completed concurrently. Safety and activity planning are key project components, because the entire project is being constructed over the Little Bay, which has very strong/fast moving current.

Project Information

New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Start: July 2010
Complete: November 2013

Newington & Dover, NH

Project Videos

Little Bay Bridge Float-In - Turning of the Tide 
Little Bay Bridge Float-In - Turning of the Tide
Little Bay Bridge Float-In - Turning of the Tide
Cianbro Completes Little Bay Bridge Float-In 
Cianbro Completes Little Bay Bridge Float-In
Cianbro Completes Little Bay Bridge Float-In
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