Plant Modernization


Scope of Work

The Cianbro team converted the existing slurry-based manufacturing system to a dry system by fully installing and commissioning new plant process equipment which includes preheater assembly with calciner; Loeshe roller mill; hydrated lime bin; homogenizing silo; heat exchanger; F.L. Smidth clinker cooler; numerous feed conveyors; dust collection systems as well as all associated buildings, ductwork, stacks, mechanical and electrical efforts. Work activities culminated in a 42-day outage to tie in and start up the new process, complete modification to the existing finish mill, and shorten the existing kiln by half.

Project Details

  • Formed and placed 5,500 cy of concrete
  • Installed 220 tons of rebar
  • Installed and tensioned 151 rock anchors with 85 and 200 ton capacities
  • Installed 10,000 sf of 8 inch concrete block
  • Erected 1,200 tons of structural steel
  • Installed 300 tons of miscellaneous metals
  • Received, assembled, installed, commissioned and started all equipment
  • Installed numerous belt, bucket and drag conveyors
  • Fabricated and installed 7,000 lf of steel piping
  • Installed and commissioned all electrical and instrumentation
  • Performed full electrical scope including conduit, cable tray, 900,000 lf of cable and associated devices 

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The Cianbro team faced a rigorous schedule to complete construction activities ahead of the scheduled 42-day outage in order to go on-line with the new process all while working in a fully operational facility. Innovative construction techniques and extensive planning enabled the project team to complete as much work as possible prior to the main outage in order to minimize work and duration of the outage.