Westbrook 540MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

Westbrook, ME

“I witnessed early on the attitude of the workers and their attention to detail. Cianbro uses a real team approach.”

Bill Vogel, Plant Manager Westbrook Energy Center Calpine Corporation

Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed a 540 MW, gas-fired, combined cycle power plant.

Project Details

  • Performed extensive site work on a “greenfield” 18-acre site
  • Drove 1,700 H-pile (12 inch and 8 inch) totaling 62,000 lf
  • Placed over 24,000 cy of concrete foundations including the building as well as the boiler and turbine pedestal
  • Erected 2,700 tons of structural steel for 240 by350 ft building envelope; and installed acoustical wall paneling and roof decking, metal siding, and membrane roofing material
  • Installed two 7 FA gas turbines—weighing 370,000 lbs / each and two generators weighing 540,000 lbs /each
  • Constructed two HRSG’s including the tube bundle rigging and demineralized water system
  • Assembled and installed condenser, steam turbine generator, and balance of plant equipment
  • Self-performed all mechanical, piping, electrical, and instrumentation—including 1.2 million lf of cable with 30,000 terminations and 1,200 lf of 84 inch piping
  • Completed the project with a multi-skilled workforce peaking at 400 team members

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The Cianbro team solved several heavy rigging challenges. Cianbro lifted and placed 185 ton gas turbines with a special gantry crane, rolled a 475,000-pound condenser into place after assembly, and made several three crane picks to upright and set the 375,000-lb HRSG tube modules.