United States Naval Academy Bridge

Annapolis, MD

Scope of Work

Cianbro replaced the deteriorated, low-level, moveable MD Route 450 bridge over the Severn River with a high-level fixed bridge with a 75 ft vertical clearance.

Project Details

  • Constructed a new 2,835 LF bridge with 17 steel box girder spans ranging in length from 112 ft to 315 ft
  • Drove 50,500 LF of 16 inch and 30 inch diameter steel pipe pile
  • Placed 14,200 CY of concrete
  • Designed and fabricated octagonal, tapered 65 ft long pier forms
  • Demolished and removed most of the existing bridge—salvaging a portion of the east side as a fishing pier

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro’s structural and marine team built 14 cofferdams in up to 40 ft of water and 100 ft depths of soft sediments, constructed a unique form system for piers, and conducted 750 ton load tests for the insertion of 30 inch pipe piles.


1996 ASCE Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award