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Cianbro Team Completes Swans Island Ferry Terminal Project

"Cianbro takes great pride in completing this challenging project on schedule and leaving behind a quality product for our friends on both ends of the Ferry run.”

That's the sentiment from Project Manager Tharryn Smith after Cianbro crews wrapped up construction on the Swans Island Ferry Terminal Project last week. During the course of the 13 month contract, team members demolished the entire existing timber structure of the original terminal and disposed of all creosote timbers. The team then installed 1,871 lineal feet of 16 inch diameter concrete-filled steel pipe pile that provided the foundation for six concrete dolphins for a total of about 580 cubic yards. Cianbro installed a steel fender system onto the dolphins, installed two timber wave fences and two timber berthing fences, installed five gangways along with miscellaneous metals (handrail, mooring line guards, ladders, etc.) The team also drilled, installed and tested 44 rock anchors.

"One of the hardest parts of this project was planning concrete placements around the ferry schedule (and tides) while making sure the concrete would last," said Project Engineer Emily Bickford, "especially on the lower levels of the dolphins where the placement was under the high tide. We would have to wait until low tide to make those placements."  

Congratulations to Project Manager Tharryn Smith, Superintendent Gary Chisholm, Assistant Superintendent Billy Pulk, Project Engineer Emily Bickford, Field Administrators Deb Croteau and Vanessa Achorn, Safety Administrator Jim Foley, and Cianbro's entire Swans Island team.




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