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Cianbro’s Sarah Long Bridge Team: 300,000 Hours Without a Recordable

Oct 31 2016

There is a lot of big, heavy work going on at the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Replacement Project on the Piscataqua River between Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire – one massive new bridge is under construction while a massive old adjacent bridge is being torn down at the same time. The Cianbro team is on schedule with crane picks that are each more than 100 tons of precast concrete segments coming off the water to form the lift towers of the new bridge. Work is also proceeding smoothly on erecting the vehicle bridge segments and the railroad bridge. It’s no wonder that Cianbro Senior Project Manager Kaven Philbrook calls the team’s latest safety milestone, “a heck of an achievement, considering where we are in the project.”

Kaven is referring to the 300-thousand safe hours that the Cianbro team has racked up at the SML project, as of the final days of October 2016. That’s more than two years’ worth of hard work without a single recordable accident – a ZERO recordable incident rate.  

“This is an incredible feat … great for morale,” said Kaven. “Every week, when we have our safety meetings, we talk about our goals. And it’s refreshing to see the entire Sarah Long team applaud their achievements every day. Throughout the project, we’ve been able to say, ‘Hey, we just reached x amount of days,’ and everybody is clapping their hands. Safety truly is the number one focus here. The team has shown that everybody has each other’s back. They watch out for each other, and keep everybody safe. And that’s along with the fact that they are doing quality work and keeping the job on schedule.”

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