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Cianbro Wins Six Medals at 2016 ABC National Craft Championships

Mar 09 2016

Cianbro Wins Six Medals at 2016 ABC National Craft Championships 

It was the largest field of competitors ever for the annual Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) National Craft Championships, and Cianbro walked away with six medals among the more than 200 contestants from across the nation.  Millwrights Doug Thompson and Mike Hachey won the Gold and Silver medals respectively, and Pipe Welder Adam Davis took home the Bronze at the competition which was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Pipe Fitter Ryan Haggan rounded out the Cianbro team.   

For the second year, the Championships included a Team Competition.  This challenge pitted teams of Journeyman Level craftspeople against one another.  Each team consisted of five members including a carpenter, a millwright, a pipefitter, an insulator and an electrician.  Their challenge was to put together an industrial skid that included a motor, a pump, lighting, a control panel, piping and a tank.  The contest allowed six hours for completion of the task.  Cianbro and Starcon team members made up the squad, which took the second place Silver Medal.  The team was made up of these medalists: Starcon Pipe Fitter Jesse Thomas, Starcon Insulator Ronald Strednicky, Cianbro Millwright Chad Bemis, Cianbro Electrician Jason Canarr and Cianbro Carpenter Jeremy Whitney.  

“Not only did our guys represent the company well by winning medals,” said Cianbro T&D Training Manager Jon Sacks, “each of them represented the company just by their deportment, and really standing for what Cianbro is: a professional, high-quality company.”

Cianbro Vice President of HR, Health, Safety & Environmental Mike Bennett served on the interviewing team that chose the Craft Professional of the Year.  Cianbro Institute Manager Brian Watson and External Affairs Director Tim Walton also added their support to the event.  Special recognition goes to Cianbro coaches Moe Gould, Shawn Reid and Scott Mitchell for the superb preparation which led to strong performances by all of the company’s competitors.  Also, a tip of the hat goes to the entire Cianbro Institute staff under Craft Training Manager Tony Ayotte.  General Foreman Mike Raven earned appreciation for serving as project manager for the Instrumentation contest.

Old friend and new Cianbro retiree Alan Burton was given accolades at the National Board meeting, in front of hundreds of peers from all over the country.  Alan was acknowledged as the person who stood up several years ago when ABC was considering nixing the National Craft Championships for a year due to financial considerations.  After Alan’s stand, the Championships not only were preserved, but they’ve made continual progress in the realm of professionalism.  During ceremonies honoring Alan, ABC gave him a rare lifetime membership to the organization

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