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Cianbro Moves "Capital Wheel" Base Steel from Baltimore to D.C.

Feb 20 2014

The high-profile effort to build a world-class observation wheel overlooking the iconic landmarks of Washington, D.C. has taken a large step forward with the delivery of the wheel's base components to the jobsite at National Harbor, Maryland. A tug pushing a material barge-load of steel components (fabricated at Cianbro's Baltimore fabrication facility) left Baltimore on Sunday afternoon with a Cianbro 4100 Series 2 crane for the 170 mile voyage south across Chesapeake Bay and then northward to Washington on the Potomac River. The barge and tug faced winter wind and waves in the attempt to reach National Harbor by Tuesday afternoon, approximately 48 hours after departing Baltimore. The voyage reached its conclusion on time, in full view of the Washington, D.C. media, which covered the move extensively. 

Once at its destination, the flexi-float barge was secured at the harbor where components will be lifted directly from the barge and put into place during several months of upcoming construction. The project is scheduled to go vertical in March and will wrap up in time for summer tourism.

Read the progress of the voyage on Twitter at 

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