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Cianbro News Blog
By Cianbro News on 11/23/2009 10:20 AM

Cianbro has just completed an emergency repair on the Memorial Bridge which connects Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine. Due to the hard work by the committed crew, Cianbro completed the quality repair a week ahead of schedule and with zero safety incidents. Cianbro was awarded this contract to install steel support gusset plates at a weakened location on the bridge. The work consisted of setting up traffic controls for the pedestrian traffic, hanging suspended scaffolding under the bridge, containing and de-leading the work area, coating the steel, chipping and busting rivets, installing custom bolts in the rivet holes, designing and building templates, fabricating and installing cheese plates and the final gusset plates, and lastly, applying a three coat paint system to the steel repair. Cianbro's onsite team consisted of Iron Worker's Dave Bond, Scott Bumps, Mike McVane and Welder Louis Martin, all led by General Foreman Bill Moulton and Superintendent Pat Sughrue.

By Cianbro News on 11/13/2009 4:23 PM

With Cianbro's plans to expand into the transmission and distribution industry comes the need for more T&D lineworkers. To meet that need, the Cianbro Institute has been offering training in a realistic setting that gives team members a chance to get their hands on the tools and equipment they'll use in the field. The result: new lineworkers are heading to Cianbro's T&D projects, including the big 51 mile long 345 kV project for VELCO in Vermont.

By Cianbro News on 10/30/2009 12:26 PM

The Brightman Street team has erected the southeast Leaf Tip Section at the Brightman Street Bridge Replacement Project in Fall River/Somerset, Massachusetts. The total actual weight of the Tip section is 322,000 pounds. The tip section is 90 feet long by 45 feet wide. At the splice, the girder is 14 feet deep. Between both girders, there were 1,152 bolts to be made up. The tip section was picked with two Manitowoc 4100 Series 3 ringers, one with 200 feet of boom and one with 260 feet of boom. The Ringer with 200 feet of boom is on an 80 foot by 120 foot flexi-barge, and is operated by Dan Perkins. The Ringer with 260 feet of boom is on the 72 foot by 200 foot Respect barge, and is operated by Tom Mucci.

By Cianbro News on 10/26/2009 1:15 PM

After a 19-day voyage, the ocean-going tug Emma Foss docked in Port Arthur, Texas on October 22 with the fourth shipment of Cianbro modules destined for the Motiva refinery expansion project. The tug and her barge, the Columbia Boston, made good headway down the Eastern Seaboard, but had to duck into port in Tampa, Florida to wait for inclement weather to clear in the Gulf of Mexico.

By Cianbro News on 10/23/2009 1:21 PM

"Thanks go to the estimating team for providing us with this significant project. We look forward to putting team members to work on this job." That's the word from NNE Regional Vice President Charlie Cianchette as Cianbro celebrates the acquisition of a new $19.5 million contract from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Under the provisions of the contract, Cianbro will rehabilitate existing Dry dock #2.

By Cianbro News on 10/19/2009 10:24 AM

Cianbro's work package engineers at the Eastern Manufacturing Facility (EMF) in Brewer, Maine, have earned the top prize in a worldwide competition highlighting the use of 3D software technology. Lead Work Package Engineer Cheryl Brackett represented Cianbro at the 2009 Be Inspired Awards in Charlotte, North Carolina. The competition is sponsored by Bentley Systems, the developer of the ConstructSim 3D visualization software which Cianbro uses to plan and monitor the construction of massive refinery modules at EMF.

By Cianbro News on 10/16/2009 2:20 PM

With all three wind turbines successfully erected on Vinalhaven Island off the Maine coast, Cianbro crews are in the process of demobilizing. The last components of the Manitowoc 2250 crane which did the heavy lifting for the job have been barged off the island. General Electric technicians have been overseeing Cianbro team members who have completed the grounding systems for the turbines. At the end of the month, GE will do the final checkout of the systems that allow remote monitoring and control of the turbines from General Electric's headquarters in New York, and Fox Island’s headquarters on Vinalhaven.

By Cianbro News on 10/12/2009 8:51 AM

"We were there to support the public education process that is necessary in order for Maine citizens to understand the wind industry and its benefits. That's how Cianbro's Business Development Director Parker Hadlock describes the company's role in this month's Maine Wind Energy Conference sponsored by Governor John Baldacci. The day-long event was held at the Augusta Civic Center, and gave a baseline understanding of the industry to hundreds of interested people.

By Cianbro News on 10/7/2009 7:18 AM

The Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) has recognized the best accomplishments in the Mid-Atlantic region's construction industry at an awards program & banquet in Annapolis, Maryland. Cianbro corporation was presented with two 2009 Excellence in Construction Awards. Congratulations to Cianbro MAR's winners! The first is the Magellan Trestle & Dolphins project at the Wilmington, Delaware marine terminal. The second is the removal and reinstallation of high pressure Feedwater Heater number 26 at the Brandon Shores power plant in Baltimore, Maryland.

By Cianbro News on 10/6/2009 9:44 AM

The City of Brewer, Maine has been recognized with a prestigious federal award for the work done by the city to help a team of visionaries, including Cianbro, to redevelop an idle mill into a successful manufacturing facility. The Environmental Protection Agency is honoring Brewer officials with the EPA's Phoenix Award for the city's work in lining up two million dollars worth of financing that resulted in the ecological rehabilitation of the old Eastern Fine Paper mill property. That formerly contaminated land now holds Cianbro's vibrant Eastern Manufacturing Facility. At that site, the company is currently churning out 53 massive refinery modules for Motiva's seven billion dollar Port Arthur refinery expansion in Texas and is employing more than 500 local citizens in the process.

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