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Cianbro Launches Sarah Mildred Long Lift Span Float-in Operation

Oct 18 2017

The operation to float-in the lift span for the new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge is underway in the Piscataqua River between Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The three-million-pound center lift span was floated in on barges across the Piscataqua River on Tuesday after the navigational channel was closed to all other vessels – from kayaks to tankers – within a 300-yard radius of the bridge. Today, the rising tide lifted the span to clear the bearings, and Cianbro crews had floated the structure into place over the bearings by noontime. The outgoing tide will then lower the lift span onto the bearings. Once the structure is resting on the bearings, the barge will be pushed back to the State Pier. Adequate clearance to remove the barge from under the lift span should occur late this afternoon. “This is not the first time that our company has done this type of complex float-in operation,” said Cianbro CEO Pete Vigue, who is on hand at the SML jobsite. “We’re a l ...

Cianbro’s Sarah Long Bridge Replacement Team Reaches New Safety Milestone

Jun 14 2017

The original plan was to celebrate the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Replacement team’s remarkable safety performance when the Cianbro safety hours tally reached 900 work days and 400,000 hours without an OSHA recordable injury. By the time the hard working Cianbro team was able to take a brief time-out for a celebration, they had racked up an additional two months’ worth of safe work days. So, on June 2nd, the team settled down to a celebratory lobster bake commemorating 960 work days and 440,000 work hours without an OSHA recordable injury.

Cianbro’s Sarah Long Bridge Team: 300,000 Hours Without a Recordable

Oct 31 2016
There is a lot of big, heavy work going on at the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Replacement Project on the Piscataqua River between Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire – one massive new bridge is under construction while a massive old adjacent bridge is being torn down at the same time. The Cianbro team is on schedule with crane picks that are each more than 100 tons of precast concrete segments coming off the water to form the lift towers of the new bridge. Work is also proceeding smoothly on erecting the vehicle bridge segments and the railroad bridge. It’s no wonder that Cianbro Senior Project Manager Kaven Philbrook calls the team’s latest safety milestone, “a heck of an achievement, considering where we are in the project.”

Pete Vigue Discusses the Visit of Senator Collins and Secretary Foxx to the Sarah Long Bridge Project

Oct 18 2016
On October 3rd, 2016, Senator Susan Collins and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx visited the jobsite of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge which spans the Piscataqua River between Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The project is unique and important, not only for the states of Maine and New Hampshire, but also for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The shipyard performs major repairs on nuclear powered submarines and is a strategic part of the Navy’s organization. The Sarah Long Bridge carries the rail connection between the shipyard and the rest of the nation, and it is important that the rail line is operational and is supporting the needs of the shipyard.
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