Job Description

Title: College Intern
Location: Various Locations

Cianbro’s internships are paid and are available to full-time undergraduate students who have completed at least their freshman year of college.
Internships are focused on those students who are pursuing a degree in:
  • Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Safety
  • Business/Finance
The typical length of the internship is 8-12 weeks in duration but is flexible based on the requirements of the institution and the student.

Benefits of being an intern with Cianbro:
  • Training – Interns receive boundless training opportunities; those of which are initiated with a weeklong new-hire orientation, OSHA 10 Hour training, and a Construction Boot Camp training program.
  • Mentoring – Cianbro’s mentoring program allows interns to have direct access to years of construction experience through their mentors, experts in the construction industry. At Cianbro, it is believed that “no one in this room is smarter than all of us” and interns and seasoned construction experts collaborate to the benefit of the group as well as the individuals. As a result of the mentoring process, interns will expand their experience and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a variety of landmark projects.
  • Career Development – After one or multiple summer internships, interns have the opportunity for their internship to lead to a full-time career opportunity, as many of Cianbro’s internships do.
  • Health & Safety – Cianbro’s number one priority is the health & safety of its team members. Cianbro is dedicated to the belief that every team member should go home in better condition than in which they arrived. Through the internship, interns will get an inside look at Cianbro’s industry leading safety programs and will benefit from being part of a company focused on safety, health, and wellness.
  • Technology – Interns are provided with the technology needed not only to perform their job at Cianbro but to establish technical skills and familiarity with industry specific technology.
Cianbro is committed to people, pride, and progress. We proudly commit to giving our interns a safe and solid foundation on which to build and progress. A wide range of work assignments are provided to help our interns develop a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry as well as develop the skills and experience valuable to their field of study.
Are you ready to enhance your skills and diversify your experience through the opportunities the Cianbro team has for you?
Cianbro is an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate based on marital status, race, color, creed, gender, sex, religion, national origin, gender identity, age, veteran status, union affiliation, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, or sexual orientation.