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Cianbro believes safety drives productivity. Safety is the prime workplace factor to ensure risks are eliminated or mitigated, improving quality and achieving outstanding productivity. Cianbro strives for zero lost injuries on each project site; every team member has a moral right to an injury-free workplace. Utilizing the behavior-based safety process, known as the Cianbro Accident Prevention Process (CAPP), team members are provided with the opportunity to participate in safety improvement by identifying both safe and at-risk behaviors everyday.

Cianbro Accident Prevention Process - CAPP

Cianbro implemented the Cianbro Accident Prevention Process (CAPP) program in 1997 as a behavior-based safety process that provides all team members with the opportunity to participate in safety improvement by performing observations that identify both safe and at-risk behavior in everyday work activities.

Continually improve our safety culture through management support of an employee owned and operated behavioral observation and feedback process that provides leadership and direction towards our goal of zero workplace injuries.

Implement Cianbro’s Accident Prevention Process (CAPP) into our safety program to create an environment of safe behaviors that will result in zero workplace injuries.

  • Identify safe and at-risk behaviors by observing work in progress
  • Provide immediate feedback to the person doing the work on what was observed safe and at-risk
  • Discuss alternatives to any at-risk behaviors to determine barriers that may exist to safely perform the work
  • Collect data to use in problem solving potential solutions
  • Develop action plans to eliminate barriers that may exist
  • Implement action plans and start the process over again

Cianbro protects its team members, the public, and the environment from undue risks of harm that may result from the use of hazardous substances or materials by developing, implementing, and monitoring programs to support the successful completion of each and every project.


Safety Videos

Safety Highlight 2011

3 Million Work Hours
ZERO Lost Time Injuries
Recordable Incident Rate .94
Experience Modification Rate .49

Safety Awards

ExxonMobil Joliet Gold Safety Award for Outstanding Safety Performance

ABC/CT STEP Award - Platinum Level

NPRA Award (10) for Meritorious Safety Performance

HBR Gold Award, Safety Excellence

Three Rivers Safety Council Gold Award

Three Rivers Safety Council Meritorious Performance Award

ABC/CT Best of the Best Safety Award

NPRA Award (9) for Meritorious Safety Performance

ABC STEP Platinum Level of Achievement

ABC/Gold STEP Award

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