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What is Wellness?
Cianbro’s Wellness Program encourages, educates and supports team members and their families to make healthy mental, physical and financial lifestyle choices on a daily basis. We focus on 4 strategies: creating the right environment, education, prevention and eliminating at-risk controllable health behaviors. By putting safety and health first and ensuring that risks are eliminated, Cianbro can not only improve the quality of life for team members but also improve our safety and work practices.

The Healthy LifeStyle Program - The Ultimate Goal: improve the overall health status of the participants. 
- What is The Healthy LifeStyle Program? 
- Credits 
- The Results

A Well Workplace - Through commitment and innovation, Cianbro is on its way to being the “Healthiest Company in America.” 
- The Challenge
- The Solution


Wellness Awards

Wellness Councils of America Platinum Level of Achievement - Well Workplace Awards Initiative

ACOEM Corporate Health Achievement Award

Wellness Councils of America Gold Level of Achievement - Well Workplace Awards Initiative

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What is The Healthy LifeStyle Program?

The Healthy LifeStyle Program is the center of Cianbro’s Wellness Program. The program guides participants toward optimal health behaviors by identifying risks and providing the education and coaching necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Focus is on major preventable health risk behaviors - tobacco use, nutrition, obesity, exercise and controllable, measurable health risks such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Additional components include childhood activity and nutrition, wise health care utilization, self-care, preventive screening education and other areas which team members have a specific interest.

Health coaches provide ongoing counseling at follow-up interviews and track progress over time, utilizing Cianbro Wellness Tracking Software. The ultimate goal of the intervention is to improve the overall health status of participants, their quality of life, and productivity at work while reducing the need for, use and cost of health care both in the long and short term.


Not only will participants gain a healthy lifestyle, you can also save money on medical premiums by qualifying for the following credits. Each credit is earned individually by the Team Member and their spouse (if applicable). 

Participating Credit: Participation means calling a health coach to complete an initial Health Risk Appraisal (HRA), identifying and committing to eliminate controllable at-risk behaviors, setting health related goals and objectives and scheduling and keeping face-to-face follow-up appointments. Telephone appointments are only used as back up if a face-to-face appointment cannot be made.

Healthy Living Reward: To qualify for this credit, participants must meet three of the four health risks listed below. These measurements are required to be updated once a year (except for cholesterol which is every three years). The Healthy Living Reward cannot be earned without first qualifying for the Participating Credit. 
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) less than 27.5  
  • Blood Pressure both numbers less than 140 over 90* 
  • Total Cholesterol less than 200 and HDL greater than or equal to 40 
  • Tobacco-Free for 12 months or more 
*If one blood pressure reading within the last year is 140/90 or higher, then two good blood pressure readings within the last year are required and must be less than 140/90 to qualify.


We have built the Healthy LifeStyle Program to help team members and spouses become aware of their at-risk health behaviors. We partner a health coach with them to turn these risks around and limit health care costs. Participants reap the benefits of good health by saving money on medical costs, and also earn additional credits toward medical premiums.

The following graph compares the change in behavior risk level for participants in the Healthy LifeStyle Program who joined the program between January 2003 and December 2008 (blue bars) and where they are December 2008 (red bars). Medium risk levels have reduced while those in the low risk category has increased.

By offering a way to work on at-risk health behaviors, and with our team's participation, Cianbro can continue to offer a robust medical plan. Without the help of our team members, costs might rise and quality might decrease. We all have a responsibility to be good consumers of our company benefits. Working together, we can control health care costs and keep them affordable. The following graph illustrates Cianbro’s trend of total health costs in comparison to the national trend.

The Challenge:

Cianbro's team members work in 15 states on the eastern seaboard. Team members work long hours, often seven days a week. Their daily commute to work can be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes each way. The workforce is aging -- the population over 65 will increase 8% by 2025. Cianbro's average team member age is 41. With many team members even older than that, we are starting to see the effect of at-risk behavior on our team members.

Heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and other debilitating diseases are taking our loved ones. Obesity is expected to overtake tobacco use as the leading cause of preventable death in America. Further, health care costs in the United States represent more than 14% of GNP, or $1.45 trillion per year. From 1990 to 2000 healthcare costs doubled from $700 billion to $1.4 trillion.

All these factors have contributed to the creation of our Wellness Program. We must take control!
The Solution:

Peter Vigue, President of Cianbro, started a push in the 1980s to create a culture focused on the safety and health of team members. Today, Peter champions the same culture change with wellness. Driven by a strong belief in doing the right thing, Pete has empowered the Human Resources team to create a wellness program. Improving team members’ quality of life and reducing risky health behavior is the company's way to address burgeoning health issues and high costs for medical premiums. You can't have a healthy company without healthy team members.

The safety philosophy of “zero injuries and preventing accidents before they happen” works the same for wellness. At Cianbro, the medical plan focuses on a claims prevention program rather than a claims paying system.  With that objective in mind, wellness is an integral part of Cianbro's strategic plan.

Exercising, eating properly, losing and controlling weight, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, managing stress and diseases and being tobacco free are the order of the day at Cianbro.

Cianbro wants to become the healthiest company in America. Toward that end, we have a program in place designed to make wellness both attractive and rewarding for our team members. We are committed to establishing a healthy work environment. Cianbro offers health awareness information and incentives through:

  • The Healthy LifeStyle Program with personal health coaches  
  • Wellness on Worksites (WOW) bullets 
  • Monthly Wellness Matters newsletter 
  • Safety meeting discussions 
  • Lunch and Learns  
  • Healthy menu choices for in-house meetings and vending machines  
  • Health clinics and screenings  
  • A tobacco-free workplace 
  • Quit Tobacco Today Program and tobacco cessation classes  
  • Daily stretching. 
Participants in Cianbro's Wellness Programs are rewarded by improved health and quality of life, discounts on medical coverage with the Healthy LifeStyle Program, and support for some wellness activities during company paid time. But perhaps the best reward of all is that our people are losing weight, quitting tobacco, reducing their cholesterol and blood pressure, exercising, and taking control of their health!
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